Parques del río: space for sport, family and friends

The city of Medellín continues to lead projects of great innovation and assuming challenges of transformation, which allows its inhabitants a better quality of life, opportunities for growth, but above all the possibility of generating good use of public space in pleasant places such as “Parks of the River” for the family integration and the social encounter.

It is important to bear in mind that “the Rio scenario is one of the fundamental axes of the development and of the positive renovation of the future Medellín. This project will contribute to the sustainability of the city by generating solutions for the mobility of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. It will also create ecological connectivity, improve air quality will increase biodiversity. Parques del Río Medellín will be the opportunity to recover the relationship with the river and with the natural systems of the city “.

Currently, this strategic plan of urban development that seeks to cross the city from south to north, linking the municipalities from Caldas to Bello, aims to make a connection of the river with the public sectors of the city, which includes pedestrian zones and underground roads. At the same time, this work has been built in different stages and although it has not yet been completed, it offers the possibility of leaving the daily routine and interacting with the environment and the spaces that encourage distraction, relaxation and tranquility, And in the future it will be a spectacular area to live in Medellin.

In Kladar Group we invite you to visit Parques del Río, a place that breaks the barriers for citizen communication, providing adequate spaces for healthy recreation such as: trails, bike paths, restaurants, games for children, and the possibility of putting together a plan to your liking , where you can choose between practicing some sport, raising kites, hanging out with pets, picnicking, outdoor reading, hiking, among other activities for the reunion with nature and the enjoyment of landscapes, recreational areas and events.




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