The Guayacana cultural park between nature and art

The Guayacana Cultural Park harmoniously combines nature and art, becoming an extraordinary place to enjoy both passions, is located in Envigado sector Loma del Esmeraldal.

This space is part of the history of the inhabitants of the area who have lived in this sector throughout their lives, for this reason the community, with the support of the Mayor of Envigado, decided to recover it and transform it into a cultural and cultural territory. entertainment where cultural, environmental and leisure activities are promoted.

The walls of this beautiful house, which was once in ruins, are full of history and the paintings that adorn it allow you to enjoy the art of local artists, as well as spacious and comfortable spaces that are used for chess, painting and drawing classes; its internal organization is adequate so that in the future one of its rooms can be used as a library and others as multiple classrooms for the realization of courses and workshops, to this the terrace adds, that at this moment works like mirador of the park.

In the open air it is possible to enjoy a sunny afternoon whether it is a picnic with the couple, family or friends including pets. Another of the plans that allows the land is to walk the trails, rest, read a good book under the shade of the big trees and listen to the song of the birds that are attracted by the fruits of the species that grow there.

Although many residential units and apartments in Envigado have excellent social areas for recreation, in Kladar Group we give you options that allow you to get out of the routine being close to home; This cultural park is a place you must visit, each space will capture your attention and you will enjoy its charms.
If you want to know how to get to this place, you can click on the following link.

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