Uva Poblado – Green Illusion: A space for the whole community

The transformation of Medellín continues to provide its citizens with multiple spaces to improve the quality of life, destined so that the entire community, in healthy coexistence, manages to meet and participate in all the educational, cultural, and recreational resources offered by UVA ( Articulated Life Units).

This project of urban design and attractive appearance, is led by “the Mayor of Medellín and EPM with management of the Vice-mayor of Education, Culture, Participation, Recreation and Sports; has as allies the Institute of Sports and Recreation of Medellín (Inder), the Ministry of Culture and the Enterprise of Urban Development (EDU) “.

Now, it is important to mention that this proposal was born in response to the needs of its inhabitants, who suffered violence years ago and lived isolated by fences, but with this initiative the walls collapsed to start this work that transformed the Medellin tanks in public parks, benefiting each of the neighborhoods where they are located: Versailles 1- Manrique (Grape of Dreams), Santa Inés-Manrique (Grape Joy and Grape Harmony), San Pablo- Popular 1 ( Uva de la Esperanza), La Avanzada- Popular 1 (New Grape Dawn), San Miguel- Villahermosa (Grape of Imagination), Cucaracho- Robledo (Grape Guayacanes), Santo Domingo Savio – Popular 1 (Grape of Cordiality), The Naranjos- El Poblado (Green Illusion Grape), Pedregal Alto- San Cristóbal, Travesías, El Uvito, La Cumbre and El Llano (Uva Mirador de San Cristobal), Santander, Pedregal, Doce de Octubre 1 and Doce de Octubre 2 (Grape the Charm and Grape of the Freedom), Navarra-Beautiful (Uva Clear Waters), San Fernando- Itagui (Uva San Fernando) among others; all of them opening borders to integrate society in all socioeconomic strata.

On the other hand, the services provided by the grape provide benefits for all users, who can acquire knowledge from the free quarterly courses and those dictated throughout the year, enjoy and interact with the leisure activities and also the spaces that They are properly prepared and conditioned for common use. It has an internet room, open-air theater, water plaza (mirrors and jets), places for the elderly, viewpoints, playgrounds, public restrooms, etc.



At the same time, active collaboration and the sense of belonging of all are essential, with the purpose of caring for, protecting, valuing and respecting these places, but above all so that each experience and opportunity to share with family and friends is maximized. .

The infrastructure of the Grapes for being a model of innovation and progress spreads to the public for its novelty, especially to children and young people who seek a pleasant environment for learning, sports and art and technology, for this Kladar Group invites them to visit these spaces where nature mixes with other elements that give it life and beauty and where inclusion and equity are promoted.



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