What he loves so much in Medellin

Medellín, also called the city of Eternal Spring, is an attractive place, not only for tourists who often visit it for its beautiful landscapes that captivate the senses, favorable climate throughout the year and its gastronomic, cultural and social wealth , but also for people looking for a nice place to live.

However, the study conducted with the largest cities in Colombia, points out that Medellin has currently made great progress, making the quality of life of its inhabitants better, thus becoming a model in many aspects of transformation to global level. He has also won important international awards such as the city of The Year 2013 contest, which gave him the recognition of the most innovative city.

In the same way, Medellín for its constant search for solutions to the needs of its citizens, and its permanent transformation with project proposals that facilitate experience and knowledge in different areas, provides new resources that increase opportunities in the labor, educational and economic fields. , and makes the sustainable development of this city a link of inclusion, equity and healthy coexistence for all.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that Medellin has an excellent means of transportation that is unique in Colombia: the Metro, which greatly reduces pollution, and offers articulated means such as the metrocable, metroplus, integrated buses and shared bicycles that allow a better displacement

In terms of culture, it stands out for its architecture in museums, theaters, basilicas, universities, libraries; It is also characterized by its music, literature and varied cuisine and for being an open door space for various activities, events, fairs and congresses that are held nationally and internationally; It also has its festivals that are tradition for the city, being the most important the flower fair and the parade of silleteros held in August, there is also the international poetry festival, the annual festival of tango, the parade of myths and legends, the party of youth, among others.

As a result of the above, it can be demonstrated that the capital of Antioquia, in its permanent evolution, invests in education and citizen security, offers welfare and ease of access to health, public services and mobility, thus being the best place to live.

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