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Data protection and treatment policy

In KLADAR GROUP we have a special regulation on the Protection of the Data of our clients, and we define processes and policies that seek to guarantee trust, security and quality in the use of information. In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012, by which provisions are issued for the protection of personal data, KLADAR GROUP, in its capacity as responsible for the processing of personal data, reports the following general guidelines:

1 Responsible for the processing of personal data:

The following is the information of the person responsible for processing personal data:
Address: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Landline Telephone: (574) 5731484
Mobile phone: 3205274403

2 Person in charge of processing personal data:

KLADAR GROUP will be able to carry out the processing of personal data through those in charge, ensuring at all times the linking of the same to the current policies.

3 General framework for the processing of personal data

Types of databases, and purpose:
KLADAR GROUP has automated and physical databases, which will be processed according to current regulations and for the purposes that are informed in the respective authorization.
Information collected and stored:
Depending on the relationship maintained with the owner of the information, data is collected, which includes information related to:

Identification: identity document number
Location: address, email, telephone numbers, among others.


KLADAR GROUP will consider all data that is not public, as confidential and in that sense will treat you subject to the following policy framework:

In the data processing process there will be full compliance with the regulatory framework established by Colombian legislation for this purpose.
For the processing of public data and for those expressly enshrined in the law, KLADAR GROUP will not obtain the express authorization of the owner of the information, however, for all those outside of this classification, it will do so through physical, electronic, electronic message, website, as well as verbal or telephone. Likewise, this authorization may be obtained through a clear and unequivocal conduct of the owner, which allows concluding that he gave his consent. In this process, the principles of traceability of the consent and security of its custody will be ensured.
Consequently, the processing of personal data by KLADAR GROUP will be done for the specified purposes and in particular for the following:

  • Administrative management
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier management
  • Employee management
  • Financial and accounting management
  • Marketing
  • Security

The personal data stored by KLADAR GROUP and submitted to processing must be complete, truthful, up-to-date, understandable and verifiable, as long as the owner informs his / her news in due time.

KLADAR GROUP will not generate access by open electronic means or by any physical means, to personal data that are in its possession and that are not of a public nature, without any technical restrictions that limit such access only to persons authorized by law or headline. In the same way, personal data will only be processed by people who have authorization for it or by those who, within their functions, are in charge of said activities.

The owner or whoever he authorizes by means of a legal document, may consult his personal data at least once each calendar month or whenever there are substantial changes in the present information treatment policies, which shall be informed by the channels provided for effect. Similarly, when the owner raises queries, claims or requests about the way their personal data are used, KLADAR GROUP must deliver the information requested.

KLADAR GROUP will supply or update the personal data at the request of the owners to correct partial, inaccurate, fractional information that leads to error or that which has been treated prior to the validity of the law and has no authorization or is prohibited. In any case, the rights enshrined in Law 1581 of 2012 will be respected.
By request of the owner and in the absence of mandatory permanence in the databases, the corresponding personal data must be deleted. Such data can only be processed during the time and as long as the purpose justifies it.

Service channels: for the exercise of legally consecrated rights, the owner may contact the service line (574 4485545) or contact KLADAR GROUP through the website, at

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